Your Personal Summarizer: Say Goodbye to Lengthy Texts!




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What is the Summarizing Tool?

The summarizing Tool is your secret weapon — a text summarizer — that makes it possible for you to take control of your workload.

It's an online tool that uses advanced AI technology to break down lengthy texts like articles into concise and easy-to-understand summaries.

Simply upload your document, and our algorithms will analyze the content to deliver a summary highlighting the most important points.

Why Do You Need This Text Summarizer?

Stay Up-to-Date – With the Summarizing Tool, you can stay on top of the latest news and information without spending hours sifting through articles and reports. Our advanced algorithms ensure that every summary is up-to-date and accurate.

Simplify Information – This summary generation tool breaks down complex information into easy-to-understand summaries, making it easier to comprehend and retain important details.

Enhance Productivity – By using the summary maker, you can take on more work and still have time for other important tasks. This means you can achieve more in less time, all while maintaining a high level of quality.

How to Use the Summarizing Tool?

Using our summarizing tools is just a three-step easy process.

Step 1. Provide the Text

You’ve got three options to upload the text. Copy and paste the text in the given area, upload a PDF or Word file, or copy and paste the URL of the page you want the text summary for. 

Size of summary

Step 2: Choose the Summary Size

You’ve got the freedom to summarize the text to your choice of size. You can choose between short summaries starting from 10% and long summaries of up to 90%, depending on your unique needs.

Size of summary

Step 3: Summarize and Enjoy!

After selecting your desired size, hit the “Summarize” button, and your text summary is ready!

summarizing report

Download the summary as a Word Doc file or PDF file and keep it with you forever. 

Give Your Writings the Concise Conclusions: 

The Best Part? It's FREE! 

Three Ways to Summarize a Breeze!

  1. Copy your text and paste it into the text area.
  2. Upload PDF or Word(.doc) file to summarize your text
  3. Copy the URL of the text (for example URL of the article) and paste it into the text area. 

Your personal summary writer to make you work smarter rather than harder!

The Summarizing Tool is all about making life easier for those who need to consume large amounts of information quickly. Whether you’re a student preparing for an exam or a busy professional trying to stay on top of industry news, this tool helps you get the job done in record time.

So why waste time reading long articles when you can use our article summarizer and save time?

It’s Free – Yes, you read that right. Our summarizing tool is completely free, so you can enjoy the benefits of accurate and reliable summaries without breaking the bank. It's just one of the many ways we make your life easier, one summary at a time.

Advanced AI Technology – We don't just use any old algorithms to create summaries. Our state-of-the-art AI technology ensures that every summary you get is 100% accurate and free of errors. So you can trust that the information you're getting is top-notch, every time.

Safety First – We understand that security is paramount when it comes to sensitive information. That's why our summarizing tool is completely secure and all data is encrypted to protect your privacy.

Dread Long Paragraphs and Want Your Text in Digestible Bullet Points?


Summarizing tool is a helpful resource for condensing lengthy texts.

It can summarize information into both paragraph and bullet point formats.

Want Your Text in Old Fashioned Paragraph Form?


A summarizing tool is a valuable resource that can help condense lengthy texts into more manageable pieces.

This tool is versatile and can summarize information into both paragraph and bullet point formats.

Worried About the Language Barrier?

With the advancement of machine learning and natural language processing technology, these tools can now work with multiple languages. This means that no matter what language you are working with, you can use the summarizing tool to quickly and efficiently summarize your content.

What if You Can Access it Anywhere?

Yes! You can access this summarizing tool anywhere and everywhere and on different devices! Be it laptops, mobile phones, or PCs!

Let's work smarter today!

What Can the Summary Generator Tool Do for You?

  1. Save Time – By providing you with concise and accurate summaries, our tool eliminates the need for you to spend hours sifting through lengthy documents.
  2. Precision and Reliability – The use of advanced AI technology ensures that every summary we provide is accurate, reliable, and free of errors.
  3. Increased Efficiency – With our text summarizer, you can process information quickly and efficiently, freeing time to focus on other important tasks.


What is the Summarizing Tool?

A summarizing tool is an online application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate brief summaries of complex texts or documents.

How accurate are the summaries generated by the tool?

The summaries generated by the Summarizing Tool are highly accurate, as they are created using advanced algorithms and AI technology. However, it is essential to note that the tool may miss some minor details, and the summaries may not be suitable for use in highly technical or specialized fields.

Can I use the text summarizer to summarize any type of document?

Yes, the tool can be used to summarize a wide variety of documents, including articles, research papers, reports, and more.

Is the Summarizing Tool Easy to Use?

The text summarizer is quite easy to use. Simply copy and paste the text you wish to summarize into the tool or upload the file, and the summary will be generated in seconds.

Is the Summarizing Tool free to use?

The Summarizing Tool is completely free to use. There are no hidden fees or charges, and you can generate as many summaries as you need.

Is my information safe when I use the Summarizing Tool?

The tool is designed with your privacy and security in mind. All data is encrypted and stored securely, and we do not share your information with any third parties.